Components are used to classify the content of various business analysis exercises.

A business analysis exercise is the analysis of a business to determine and describe the manner in which the business operates. The result of a business analysis exercise may include, but are not limited to, requirements, policy, or procedure documents, or training manuals.


Recent Articles (Components)


02 Aug 2020 Processes

Processes are one of the four Components of PIRRIDM. There are a number of definitions of a Process, but I have chosen to adapt a definition of a Use Case...

Business Processes

05 Oct 2020 Processes

Business processes describe how a business performs a particular set of activities to achieve a goal that is of value to a business. These do not make a...


02 Aug 2020 Information

Information describes the facts on which a Process operates on in order to complete. There are three parts to the Information component: People, Systems,...


02 Aug 2020 Rules

This is the introductory article for rules.


02 Aug 2020 Relationships

This is the introductory article for relationships.

System Processes

05 Oct 2020 Processes

System processes describe the implementation of Business Processes. These describe in detail how one or more systems are used to complete a specific Business...