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I have been a working business analyst for nearly 40 years. Most of that work has been with financial services firms or government agencies, both of which are highly regulated. I have worked in three countries for extended periods. I have worked as a programmer on PCs, networked devices, and mainframe computer before specialising in working with requirements.

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I have learned my craft by working on a wide variety of projects, involving different technologies, and working with many people. The people with whom I worked freely shared their knowledge with me.

Some were mentors who guided me, encouraged me, and helped me learn the correct lessons from my mistakes. Some of those lessons were harder to learn than others, but the mentors encouraged me as I sometimes struggled to learn those lessons. I am hoping that they will recognise their contributions in the content of this site.

Some were, and still are, business people who patiently answer my questions as I try to understand what they are accomplishing and find a way to help them be more successful. During my career, I have gained a broad understanding of the financial services industry in which I have been working, and continue to work. Hopefully, this is reflected in the questions that I ask of them.

Still others are practitioners of the business analysis craft. The more experienced have challenged me in the way that I understand requirements. The less-experienced have honoured me by considering me a mentor. In both cases, I have had to organise my knowledge in order to share it with them in a way that they will understand my approach and the underlying knowledge that drives my approach.



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